Being handy with tools could give you an opportunity to start a handyman business on the side or as your main source of income. Before you start doing small improvement projects or repairing homes, you’ll need to set up your business properly. Here are some key steps.

Research the Requirements

Working as a handyman in Vacaville, CA doesn’t require a license. However, you can only perform jobs that cost less than $500 total for labor and materials without a license. California businesses performing larger jobs must have a contractor license. Check local requirements to determine requirements as each state is different.

Get Insurance

Commercial insurance helps protect your business financially. You’ll need general liability insurance in case you cause damage while working in a client’s home. If you have any employees, you also need workers’ compensation in case they’re injured.

Develop a Business Plan

To get your business up and running, you need a business plan that outlines the details. Business plans give an overview of goals, marketing plans, ideal customers, financial plans, and other key details that guide your business. Define things like the services you’ll offer and where your business will be based.

Start an LLC

Forming an LLC for your handyman business can limit your personal liability, give you tax benefits, and offer business structure flexibility. You can form a California LLC for your Vacaville business online. Another option is to use a formation service that handles the process for you without expensive lawyer fees. LLC requirements vary by state, so check on local requirements.

Consider Specialties

Handymen work on a variety of jobs. However, specializing can help you gain more customers. Consider your skills, areas of expertise, and preferences to choose a specialty. Research local demand for various services for additional help.

Gather Your Tools

You might need to upgrade your tools if you’ve never done repairs professionally. Having high-quality, professional-grade tools is a worthwhile investment that helps you perform your job well. You might need specialty tools depending on the services you offer.

Use the Right Technology

You can simplify business tasks to help you manage your work by using a tool. For example, cost estimating software can help you customize a branded estimate template, add labor and materials easily, create a payment schedule, and send job estimates from anywhere. Other apps that support your handyman business include customer management, accounting, credit card processing, and scheduling programs.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Your marketing plan helps you grow brand recognition and attract customers. Word of mouth is an effective marketing strategy, but you’ll likely want other methods. This includes having a professional website, maintaining active social media accounts, using content marketing, and paying for advertising. Define your ideal client, such as busy professionals who don’t want to do the work themselves or landlords who want to hire contractors for repairs. This helps you create marketing that appeals to that audience.

Launch a Handyman Website

Starting a handyman business lets you use your home repair skills to create an income stream. If you have a website, customers will be able to search and find your business. Consider visiting Web Design by Brandon McCloskey for freelance design services if you need a website.

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