Artificial intelligence and data science covers a number of topics, including image recognition, and deep learning. If you want to keep up-to-date on all things IT, enrolling in coursework that supports data science-related subjects will help you present a winning resume.

One of the subjects you will enjoy studying is deep learning. By signing up with a data science bootcamp, you can become privy to how this science works. This article will give you an overview about what to expect.

How Is Deep Learning Defined?

Deep learning is a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technique that mimics how humans acquire knowledge. Data science, which covers statistics and predictive modeling, incorporates deep learning as its key component. Deep learning is highly useful for data scientists who gather, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of data, as it speeds up and simplifies the process.

Therefore, you can view deep learning as one means to automate predictive analytics more simply. The algorithms used for deep learning are stacked hierarchically with increasing complexity. Typical machine learning algorithms are linear by comparison.

A Basic Example

As a basic example, deep learning may be contrasted with how a toddler learns. For instance, a young child, learning words, may point to a cat, for example, and say the word, “Cat.” The parent confirms and agrees with what the toddler says by saying, “Yes, that is a cat.”

As the child continues to point out things, he or she becomes more and more aware of the traits all cats possess. Without knowing it, the youngster has just verified and identified a complicated abstraction – the concept of a cat. He or she does this by creating a hierarchy, where each layer of the abstraction is built on the knowledge of the preceding layer.

How Deep Learning Works When Programming Computers

A computer program that employs deep learning goes through the same type of process that a toddler does when learning new words. Each hierarchical algorithm uses what is learned to produce a statistical model as output. This goes on until an accepted level of preciseness is reached. The number of layers composed for the processing of data is what gives deep learning its name.

You can become part of this type of learning activity by enrolling in data science courses given in the form of a bootcamp curriculum. Remember, if you continue to learn, you’ll continue to earn – not just in terms of money but through the rewards you will realize by performing a job to the best of your ability.