Every specific item in your site should link back to the nearest category giving this kind of a set up the name, breadcrumbs. It shows the power restored on the category page for that topic and helps Google understand the structure of your site. Getting the URL structure of a specific product reflects on your category page adds more value to your product. Do not change the structure of your URL if already have an existing website since it is more costly to change the URLs than redirecting them.

To make your taxonomy category pages lovely, come up with a little introductory information about the topic of your category. Include links in the introductory content leading to your best articles or products in your category. This ensures that when a user lands on your pages it will be difficult to leave without navigating the rest of your pages. A good archive page though not well received by writers it makes one want to read all the content on your site.

Each category and tag page requires a written custom text, like a code. This can be quite challenging but it’s worth it. You also need to check if your category page has enough content and creative ways to enable you to change social details on content pages. You should also avoid duplicate tags and categories like the use of singular and plural, the word skirt in the singular, and skirts on another page. Use one and be consistent throughout your pages. You should also consult us if you require help optimizing your site and also your content structure. You shouldn’t worry whether it’s fit for your website since it is and we do site structure services on our website and you will be contented with the results.