To build online traffic to your website it all starts with having great content. Although the topics that have the highest probability of drawing attention to your site are not always the obvious ones. Having great content most likely will rank your page highly on search engines and attract your visitors to become your new frequent customers for your firm.

Sometimes due to our experience with our products and services, we are more familiar with the terms that describe them in our line of business. But it’s been proven that the most obvious terms always have the greatest competition and the least to attract customers which is why they are not reliable. Increase your list of keywords and you will find many new topics that you can deliver great content and receive high marketing feedback.

  1. Competitors’ Websites

You should try source for keywords from your competitor’s websites since you both are in the same business and targeting the same customers. Go through their content and blog posts, look at their page titles, and there you might get new keywords that you are not using currently. You can also try SEMRush to see keywords that your competitor ranks for in the search engines.

  1. Google Trends

It provides several related keywords and phrases done by Google’s search data. This provides a way of comparison, where you can compare different keywords in the same platform. This tool enables you to see keywords that have a rising popularity, those which are not frequently used currently, and how they are used in different places.

  1. Wordtracker

Its  a free tool where you just paste a word from your website and it gives you similar keywords to compare. The keywords are provided in an easy and understandable manner.


It is a tool that automatically monitors a list of content best suited for your business according to search volume, competition, and the market content you already have. It learns from your website and notifies you when a new content opportunity is discovered.