Marketers have a common objective which is generating more leads to their pages. Not all leads are good, some are even unqualified. Leads are what run a business that’s why most of us are accountable for generating more leads.

Amongst all the lead generation strategies, there is one I consider more effective and that is  Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) working alongside each other. This seems pretty obvious but you will find marketers who are very good at one or the other but striking a balance between both is the deal. Combining the two generates a massive amount of traffic to your platforms.

Why you should combine SEO and CRO?

If a target buyer can find your products online, it’s a clear indication you are leading them to your competitors. That’s why most businesses have mastered the skill of having organic availability in search engine results. SEO is very important to grow your brand awareness in the digital market and driving a large volume of traffic to your website.

But then, there is a trap. Traffic does not turn instantly into paying customers and revenue. You need to consider when someone clicks on an organic result and gets to your website, what browsing experience do they get? Is it easy to navigate through your site? Are your web pages optimized to lead the user towards a certain action?

Traffic without conversions is just a waste of resources. CRO is the tool that ties it together. Conversion rate optimization is described as the process of optimizing a web page to lead to the desired action. This action is in the form of conversion. It can be through email newsletter sign-up, demo request, etc. SEO brings visitors to your site and CRO is what converts them.

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