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Website Maintenance

Creating a website and deploying it does not end our role in our clients’ online marketing efforts.

Our team is regularly monitoring the websites we have developed for broken links, malware, outages, security updates and many other things that can compromise a website, its data and security.

We’re constantly monitoring the website to keep it current according to updates of the hosting platform as well.

Depending on the requirements of the client, we manage the content to add new features such as landing pages and services offered. We re-purpose content, check the search engine optimization ranking and update software and security as required.

Transparent Pricing

So your website has been launched or has been sitting out on the internet for sometime. You need pictures added, wording updated, a new page added, or some functions of the website isn’t working because the theme or plugins aren’t updated. But you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for those updates or fixes! We have 3 maintenance plans that are very popular among are clients!  

The Bobby Acker Plan (Most Popular)


This plan is named after a web designer we had the honor of taking over for after his untimely passing. The plan includes routine maintenance (updating WordPress, Theme, Plugins, and Weekly Backups of the website). And UNLIMITED UPDATES that’s right send as much or as litte as you want and it’s all covered!

Maintenance Only


Don’t anticipate. a lot of updates? No worries. For $15 a month we’ll take care of the maintenance (updating WordPress, Theme, Plugins, and Weekly Backups of the website). If you have any updates you’ll be billed $25 per hour with a minimum of 1/2 hour charged (an advantage over the plan below).

Updates Only


Not a lot of updates? Not sure you need the maintenance done? Not a problem! We understand budget constraints. So if you send us updates you’ll be billed $25 per hour with 1 hour minimum charged and we will conduct the maintenance with your update. 

Website Breaks


If your website should ever break or go down and is a result of not having a maintenance plan OR because you have decided to do the work on the website yourself we are still happy to help but sadly the price is a little high as we may have. to bring in help! (*Note if you are partaking in our hosting this might be covered by the hosting depending on circumstances.*)