There are basic things that your web designer should keep in mind regarding your SEO while designing your website.


Flash sites may appear to be good but they are very difficult to optimize, and that’s why they do not have higher chances of being ranked well in search engines that’s why your designer shouldn’t consider it. Most designers have a few options about the code they will use to offer the major elements of your site and most use HTML and CSS with good reason behind it.


The highest number of internet users access browsing sites using smartphones and other mobile devices that is why your website should be created to accommodate them. This will help users with a better experience and higher ranking in search engines for your website since mobile-friendliness is a Google factor. The greatest way is by having a responsive design that ensures your site is accessible on all devices and browsers and will also ensure the elimination of a copy of written information.


Your designer should select fonts and sizes that are easy for viewers to read and not only focus on non-text information. Your SEO will be affected negatively by a design that only looks good but has small content. That’s why you should have detailed information to be able to increase your rankings. Your designer should have best practices when uploading images to your web not only copy elements since they both are optimized.


Ensure your images have a logical and detailed file name and this will require more effort not leaving them with names such as “IMG_0020.jpg” and that helps search engine access your images and use them. Alt tags allow the search engine to verify what you’re depicting and users will be able to read when they access the image and also will help visually impaired persons know what is being referred to.


Each page should have a URL that well defines what the page entails and words should be separated by hyphens and still add relevant keywords. Your navigation should be simple for your visitors to understand and hence easier to convert.

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