A social media strategy is a guide, a road map if you will, of just what you want to achieve with your brand’s social media presence.

It’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thought that can change on a weekly basis depending on how much time you have to spare, or what is currently trending on social media.

A strategy is long-term planning specifically working towards your eventual goals on social media.

Any brand that is working on social media without a clear strategy to define why it is there and what it hopes to achieve on it is doomed to have a lackluster presence no matter how much effort is put into it and to waste any money spent on a social platform.

There are many benefits having a properly thought out social media strategy, four of which we think are the most important.

It creates authenticity

Having a long-term strategy in place means that the vision you have for your brand’s growth can be fulfilled.

Starting off with a short-term plan for a month, then having in place three and six-month plans and ending with a year-long plan means you have the entire presence of your brand thought out for the foreseeable future.

This can help in setting a consistent voice for the brand, knowing the type of content that best matches your brand and staying true to your brand’s promise.

It saves time

Sitting down to create visual or text-based content on a daily or weekly basis is an exercise in mismanagement.

Creating high-quality, genuine content is a time-consuming task and cannot be done in a hurry. This is especially true for visual content, whether it is still images or videos.

Content needs to be well-planned and well-executed. Having a strategy in place helps you know exactly what is required in terms of text and visuals and plan for it well ahead of need, especially if you have a content team that works remotely and requires time and some back-and-forth to create the perfect piece of content.

It helps create better content

This lines up with the previous point where good content simply doesn’t happen in a matter of minutes.

High quality content needs to be well thought-out, well written and well-designed visually, all the while keeping the brand’s aesthetics in mind so a user can identify a brand’s content even if the name is not on display.

Also, having content planned out in advance means the people who are working on it don’t need to improvise and deliver work in a hurry that doesn’t really match the overall presence of the brand.

It ensures aims are achieved

The main need to for a strategy is to know where your brand will be after a certain time period.

You can measure success in achieving aims depending on what your targets are… increasing your audience, higher sales, more downloads or anything else that aligns with your brand.

Keeping an eye on strategy and performance helps decision makers know what is working and what is not and adapt accordingly.

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