You will create customer relationships when you start listening to your community and involving them through conversations for they will share their ideas and what are their expectations which will help you improve your services. Social media is a tool that will help to keep you updated on your competitors and help you keep in touch with your clients. The best way to do this is by creating lists of your clients for it will help you know what they are planning and what they expect lists of your competitors and those which inspire you. Use social media as your ears to alert you when keywords you’ve come up with are mentioned online, and also to get ideas or areas to improve.

Answer questions in a friendly and timely manner from leads for it acts as a positive PR. Take advantage of Public support requests for they are visible to your business and all your customers. Select groups of the same line in business online and join them, they will keep you updated and also act as a learning platform and be active in conversations to add your value in those groups. If you have a question, post it or a solution to a group member’s problem, inform them and in the same way they will be willing to help you when you have an issue. In those groups, you meet experienced people in your niche and it will be a great opportunity to learn. Also, join client groups and this will help you feel what their expectations are and you can consider them in future projects.

Also, these groups help you to dive in and know your niche inside out and this puts your name out to meet a group of potential clients and places you can help as an expert. And groups act as platforms you can network with clients you wish to work with.

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