After doing your careful keyword research and you are sure of the topics you need to write about, you can now get to the actual writing. Most of the time it is easier to say it than doing it. To develop from an idea to a great piece of content, you will have to likely follow a cycle of drafting, writing, editing, and rewriting. Your very first draft can be an outline of your structure. You will not have to write out everything in perfect prose at this stage, but ensure to follow a more logical procedure. For most articles, you will need an introduction, the main points of argument, and a conclusion. This will vary from one genre to another, a recipe will have a very different structure.

You can give detailed information on your points further in the writing phase, where you can try and come up with your first complete version of the text. And in the final stage which is the editing phase, you will check if your piece is engaging or no and if it is easy to read and understand. You can be an expert on your topic but your audience is not yet. That’s why you should try to make your writing as accessible as possible. When in doubt you need to ask a colleague or professional for feedback. You can also try the trick of reading your text out loud to yourself. You can even allow your computer to speak it loud, this will give you a clear idea of if everything flows nicely.


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