How to use the WordPress block editor?

It might be confusing for starters but it’s pretty easy given the information you need to know. Before writing your site content you need to think of the search terms you want to be found for. You will need to optimize your content for every page for a specific keyphrase. Are you wondering how to determine the keyphrase you want to be found for? To understand you need to do keyword research. For this purpose you will need to ask questions like; what terms do I want to rank for? How realistic is it that I can rank for these terms?

Just imagine like you have a baking blog and you are passionate about sharing your favorite recipes and baking techniques. Optimizing a post for a term like(best cake recipe) is not a realistic goal, since it is a very general term. This is because there is very high competition on such general terms. Instead, you will need to search for your unique niche. The niche could be ( healthy, low-sugar cake recipes)or any other unique keywords as long as they pass across the information you want your customers to get on the first site.

Within a specific niche, you can become an expert with which expertise enables you to create great content which exceeds the performance of your competitors. You can go broader than others, give deeper content, and provide more information on your niche than that of your competitors concerning similar topics. To achieve this you will need to put focus on long-tail key phrases. A long-tail keyphrase might be (how to bake a low-calorie French strawberry cheesecake). For a keyword like this, it is more specific and broad yet easy to rank. In addition, it’s more suitable for your chosen niche topic.

It is also necessary to think about what your target customers want to achieve by searching for a specific term. This is called Search intent. In a previous post, we discussed deeper search intent and how to apply it for your SEO. They could be searching for answers to specific questions and you can shed light on them by providing the necessary information. Or they might be wanting to order a certain product and you could make it available for them. Generally, think about what your audience needs and address it accordingly.