If you are starting from nothing, then how will you arrange your site? A well-organized structure should look like a pyramid with levels and sub-levels. This is what we call an ideal structure;

  1. Homepage
  2. Categories
  3. Subcategories
  4. Individual pages and posts

At the top of the pyramid is the homepage which is a navigation hub for your site visitors which means your most important content should be linked to the homepage. This helps visitors to open the pages you want them to and makes Google understand that the pages are more important to you. Beneath the homepage is the categories pages where you should be able to document all your content in these categories. In case of a large website, you can further divide the categories into subcategories. Below are the specific individual posts and pages.


After developing a well-structured homepage then you should go ahead and create a clear navigation path for your website. The wider picture of site navigation is made up of the menu and breadcrumbs.

The menu

Visitors to your site use the menu to find information on your site. It gives them an understanding of your site structure. The main contents of your site should secure a place on the menu of your homepage. This is not for everything in your especially if you run a big site with subcategories, it may clutter your site making your menu a bad reflection of the rest of the pages. For this kind of site, you can create a second menu.


They are clickable links at the top of your page or post and they make your structure more clear. They help visitors understand your site structure and where they are on your site. This benefits user experience and boosts your SEO.

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