Most websites are never seen in the search indexes because of the big number of sites that already exist. But you can get your new website get known using social media. For companies that need to promote their sites, social networking has become a winning space for them using networks like Facebook and Twitter. To start building your presence online use strategies that drive following in your account;

Create a Social Media Presence

If you got a social media account for your business and you got followers you are moving on the right path, but if you don’t, worry not. You have a lot of time to create your social media pages and have your availability recognized. First, you need to decide which networks will work for your brand and then create your accounts. Try to ensure you use the same username across all networks to avoid confusion. Fill out your profiles in all accounts. Add a photo of your logo in your profile photo section and a cover image.

Add information about your brand, address, email, and phone number. Add your website’s new URL address. To build followers, start by inviting your friends, relatives, workmates, and any customer you may know to like or follow your pages. Be consistent by regularly posting to your pages and remember to include fun photos and videos and in the post copy include your links.

Join Groups on LinkedIn

Your company’s LinkedIn page cannot join the groups but you can do so using your profile. You can join the ones related to you and your company line. Once you have successfully joined the group, post content about your company or brand that the group members will find helpful and useful like your latest blog posts or whitepaper. Communicate authentically in the group to avoid being too pushy or spammy. Answer questions posted in the group by other members in a polite manner if it is within your capacity and that way they will be able to answer yours too.