Website Must-Haves for Service-Based Businesses

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Every service-based business needs to have a website. Regardless of what that service is or who constitutes the customer base. Having a website is paramount in modern marketing. But, while almost all service-based businesses understand this, many fail to create a decent website. For one reason or another, their websites either provide little information about their service or confuse customers with intuitive design choices. To help clear this up, we will give you the website must-haves for service-based businesses.

Website must-haves for service-based businesses to keep in mind

Depending on what service you are working in, you might look to include different elements in your website. But, before you go about experimenting, we would advise you first to explore the top brands in your industry and what kind of websites they run. It is practically a given that top-notch brands will have a top-notch website. And while you shouldn’t outright copy them, it is a good idea to outline different aspects of their website and how it helps their company.

Phone number in the header 

For your customers to engage with your brand, they will likely rely on your phone number. They must have their number, whether they will give you a call or send a message. Therefore, we feel that it should be evident that your phone number should be visible on your website at all times. The usual way of doing this is to include your phone number in the header. That way, regardless of where they are on your website, they can give you a call.

A girl on the phone.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you.

If they need to head to your contact page and then scroll down to find your number, you can consider them gone. As you’ll probably know, modern customers have little patience. Therefore, the fewer steps they need to take between viewing your website and calling your company, the better.

All services on the home page

You should never assume that the customer visiting your website is familiar with your services. Nor should you assume that they will go out of their way to research them. For these reasons, we give you the second website must-haves for service-based businesses. Showcase all of your services on the home page. This is one of the common things recommend to movers, as moving companies often assume that their customers will magically know that they also provide packing and storage. You don’t want your customers to guess or assume. Instead, show them what is important, and tell them to contact you for further info.

Avoid music and pop-ups

While this isn’t common with modern companies, we still see a company that puts music or obnoxious pop-ups on its website. If you are considering this, we are here to tell you no. While there are many options on how you can design your website, music and pop-ups are always a bad idea. No customer will find them interesting, engaging, or helpful.

A girl is bored while viewing a website on her laptop.

We would go so far as to say that no website should have automated music or irrelevant pop-ups.

To be fair, if you monitor your customer behavior and routine of their journey on your website, you can utilize a pop-up window. Only in this situation will the customer find it helpful. But, if you haven’t done the necessary research, avoid pop-up windows altogether.

Be concise and to the point

A common mistake company owners make falling in love with their brand. Instead of outlining what makes their company worthwhile, they use their website as a love letter and write paragraphs on what they are trying to achieve. While you have a ton of creative liberty when writing content for your website, we advise following a simple rule of thumb. Be concise and to the point. Assume that the person visiting your brand doesn’t care about your ideas, goals, and allegoric explanations. They simply want to know what services you offer, how you provide them, and how your charge your customers. Therefore, keeping your content as short and informative as possible is always a good idea. Let your actions speak louder than words.

Display testimonials

To continue this train of thought, you need to make sure that you display testimonials on your website. Ideally, you will have a whole page with testimonials, with a few of them featured on your landing page. Again, assume that your customers are researching different companies and trying to figure out which one will give them the biggest bang for their buck. So, they are bound to do a Google search on you to find reviews.

A person viewing a Google review, representing one of the website must-haves for service-based businesses.

Hosting Google reviews on your website is another of the website must-haves for service-based businesses.

If you are smart, you will also get testimonials from your customers and feature them on your website. The more testimonials they read, the more your customers will feel that your brand is trustworthy. Without testimonials, your actions can’t speak louder than words. So, do yourself a favor and rely on reviews and testimonials as much as possible. A satisfied customer is a terrific marketing medium.

Run an informative blog

The last of our website must-haves for service-based businesses is to run a blog. Doing so is essential for two reasons. First, you make your SEO management much more manageable. If your marketing managers have decent, SEO-optimized content to rely upon, they can work toward boosting your SEO rating. With a bit of luck, this will lead to your brand being among the first in Google search results once people look for the services you provide. Secondly, you need to use your blog to educate your audience. Doing so will make the lives of your employees easier, and you will bring people to your brand. Know that your customers are willing to learn. But only if you present the information interestingly and engagingly.

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