Influencer Content

If all your close friends and colleagues are speaking about how good a movie is, you will be pushed to watch it, but if they say it was bad, you will not be interested, right? Now get this type of influence to a person with a big dedicated audience, and the audience happens to be your target customers, then this will be a great deal for you.

Having the right influencer to endorse your brand or services could see you at the top of your industry. Below are some ways to do so;

  1. Invite influencers for interviews in your platforms and ensure to ask detailed questions about your product.
  2. Create social networks with them organically and be close friends.
  3. If you offer tangible products, surprise them with a gift and get them to show it on social media platforms.
  4. Pay influencers to do sponsored posts on blogs and podcasts.
  5. Pay them to tag your company on their instagram and other social accounts.

Email Content

It’s a type that has been on the debate lately as dead but statistics show there are still 3.7 billion email users which is even higher than Facebook user base. Email is unique in online marketing with inundated spam. As a result the competition is intense and users are more skeptical. You should create a good relationship with your list of email users and have a successful email presence.

Social Content

Social media has a large user’s base and they love being sold to as long as it’s relevant to them. People use social media for many purposes including being in touch with their favorite brands and influencers. Social content is short in form for you can create a 150-word tweet and reach so many people through retweets. You can also post pictures of your products on Instagram and your followers fight to buy them. Be interactive with your audience, ask and answer questions create jokes, and laugh together and that’s how you bond with your target customers.

Viral Content Writing

Viral content has a bigger reach online in just a short time because it acquires a massive amount of buzz and shares. Long-form content is shared the most than short content. If you add images to your content, it becomes more fun and engaging hence highly shared. Use trending hashtags to share your content, infographics and ensure it invokes laughter or amusement.