All search engines like Google report search volume of all search terms, which make it possible for businesses to know how popular keywords relating to their business are. If ‘inexpensive industrial widget’ is used in the search engine 10,000 times in one month and the term ’high-quality industrial widgets’ is used 1000 times a month, then the business knows that ‘inexpensive’ has 10 times the online demand of ‘high quality’.

Keyword selection

A firm needs to carefully identify and optimize its web content with a big volume of keywords such as ‘inexpensive industrial widgets’  and increase the amount of search engine traffic in an organized way and capitalize the demand displayed by those keywords.

Organic Search Visibility

When a visitor searches on Google, it displays the results of the search based on how relevant the web page is to the keywords the searcher used. These are called organic results the more a web page ranks at the top, the more people visit it. Search engine optimization is the tool used to improve the organic search results of your page.

Paid Search Visibility

When someone searches on Google, the search engine company does advertisements relating to the search term used, placed above the search results. Pay-per-click advertising deals with managing campaigns that serve ads for keywords that relate to a firm’s services or products. If the PPC campaign has ‘inexpensive industrial widgets’ it increases the volume of potential clicks.

Keywords and Budgets

For most companies, so many search terms are used by visitors looking for the products they sell. Understanding these terms is necessary to set a proper budget. If the widget manufacturer comes up with 10,000 related search terms, you only set aside money for 5,000 and you can ignore the others. It is very important to decide which terms to go with and which to ignore.

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