How can web design improve sales?

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Online sales are the number one strategy for making a profit today. More and more people are deciding to shop from their homes, and the online market is growing. However, the competition is also increasing. There are almost 24 million websites today that sell products or services online. If you are trying to make your way through this crowd and put your business in the spotlight, you need to figure out how to create a unique experience for your clients. Companies are looking for ways and strategies to increase their sales, and there is a massive debate about how web design affects sales. With that in mind, we will answer a fundamental question – how can web design improve sales?

It is all about leaving a good first impression

Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns, all to increase their customer base. One of the ways to do that is through increasing website traffic. But, if the first impression of the website is not good, all of your marketing efforts have been in vain.

The homepage of your website is not the actual element of the online store. However, its design will determine whether a visitor decides to check out the rest of the website or not.

If you want to spur more growth by using the business website, you must make your homepage shine.

The most critical elements of the homepage

Believe it or not, as soon as a visitor comes to your website, you have about 3 seconds to tell them what your business has to offer. That’s why a homepage needs to be perfect. The most critical elements of the homepage are:

  • Headline: the name of your business and a small section describing the nature of your product or service;
  • Visuals: whether we talk about the images, the combination of colors, or the design of any element on the homepage, there needs to be harmony. All colors need to work well together, and the details on the page need to be in the right place;
  • website logo: creating a perfect logo is not simple. Furthermore, it costs a lot of money. However, it is an essential part of your business. It is crucial for the branding process, and it helps imprint your business into customers’ minds;
  • website navigation: the navigation menu needs to be clear and concise. It should help the visitors to navigate the website easily;
  • social proof: make any social proof visible directly on the homepage. This tells a lot about your business;
  • CTA button: Call-To-Action button is the number 1 element that needs to stand out. Do not make the rest of the website overpowering. A CTA button should be noticeable and inviting. After all, your sales depend on it.

Responsive web design

When we talk about online sales, it is crucial to consider various devices that customers could be using. Today, the majority of people shop by using their mobile phones. Your website needs to be responsive to create a great experience.

You should target PC, tablet, and mobile devices.

Using whitespace

With all the colorful elements of your website, it is easy to forget the importance of whitespace. Whitespace is the empty space between elements. Without it, web pages would look like a mess. Whitespace separates components, creates order on the pages, and it helps with making everything look more organized and visible.

How design affects website loading speed

Even though loading speed is not technically a “design” element of your website, it is affected by it. Too many scripts, large, unoptimized images, animations, and complex features will slow down your website. That’s a big no-no for an online store.

Once a client finalizes the purchase, you want to make the process as shorter as possible. Do not give them a lot of time to change their mind.

Website tools that help sales

We started talking about how website speed affects the experience on your website. There are also many tools and widgets you can use to improve the overall experience of your online store. Be sure to optimize your website, so these tools do not get in the way.

For example, it is pretty common that an online store has a card processing application working in the background. This is an essential tool that makes online shopping safe. It needs to work perfectly, and it needs to be fast.

When it comes to tools that help improve sales strategies and boost sales on your website, you should explore various options. However, keep in mind that the efficiency of the website should not be reduced by adding too many functionalities.

Your product catalog needs to be perfect

Before creating your product or service catalog on the company website, do some research. Check out websites like Amazon, eBay, and other online stores, and see how they present their products.

The visual presentation of the product should be clear and packed with important information. Furthermore, it would be best to think about retargeting simultaneously. The product catalog should be designed so that it also shows similar products to the customer.

Finding the perfect web designer

Creating an efficient online store website is not simple. If you want to pick a professional web designer, do not use template websites. Even if you want to use a particular WordPress theme, you should find a web designer to implement it. They can also customize the template to make it unique.

One searching for a web designer, you want to find someone who will offer advice, not just blindly follow whatever you tell them. They know how to build websites, so present them your idea, but let them tell you their thoughts about it.

How can web design improve sales – answered!

Let’s get back to our question from the start of the article. Can web design improve sales? Yes! By following a couple of simple web design rules, you will enhance the overall experience of your clients and boost website sales. It may cost a little bit more, but this is a vital investment in the future of your business.

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