Marketers need to understand their target customers’ aspirations and needs. The question should be ”What does this person want?” not “What you can sell to them”. This question opens your mind to a lot, for example, somebody needs to accomplish a certain goal or have a sense of security. To come up with a solution that meets people’s needs you need to focus on delivering important information and experience. People are more open to more detailed Ads. To last in the marketing industry, you should remember to need more meaningful information that brings value and earn brand ROI more than conversational messages.

That’s why we should go beyond demographics and marketing to understand the needs like reassuring the customer they are buying the right product for their needs. This ensures delivering a sensible message at the right time and through the right channel. People need evolving support depending on the type of products they shop for and their closeness to making a purchase. Customers need brands to impact their lives not just their purchases following consistent need patterns. Customers need guidance before making a purchase and the tools needed to succeed and help them to smooth the way to purchase. People expect brands to lighten their purchasing moods and expect after purchasing the brand to remove purchasing barriers like reordering. To generate growth and long-term value a brand must first build relationships. To identify a business opportunity you should understand your customer well and their relationship with your product. It is also important to understand the customers buying behavior shifts for they help you to quickly identify and satisfy the dynamic consumer needs