One of the best uses for SEO is to generate free traffic to your website, and a key feature of good SEO is using backlinks.

A backlink is generated when one website links to a second website. According to Backlinko, you should think of backlinks as “votes” from other sites, which basically tell a reader “this content is valuable credible and useful.” (See what we did there?)

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing recognize these links and generally give a higher search engine ranking to the website that is being linked to.

This means the more backlinks that lead to a website – your website – the higher these search engines are going to rank your website in organic searches. In fact, Google confirms that backlinks remain among its top three factors while ranking a page.

However, there is another factor that these search engines place a lot of importance on for backlinks. This is the “quality” of a backlink.

A high-quality backlink is one that comes from a website that search engines and users both trust.

There are other ways to create a high-quality backlink, some of which are given below.

Good content

As everyone is aware, content is the top ranking metric for search engines. The better the content, the higher the ranking on SERPs.

When a website inks to another for directing a user to good content, this further raises the linked website’s ranking in search engine results

So if you want a 2x boost in SERPs, make sure the content you are publishing is very, very good.

Work on personal relations

Get involved in conversations on social media with influencers in your industry. Build a relationship being authentic, honest and friendly.

Eventually, the relationship will be in a place where they can mention your site on their own or will be happy to fulfill your request for the same provided you are publishing content that is high-value. Heck, they might even ask you to guest blog!

Comment on high ranking blogs

This is a great way to mark your presence on an influencer’s radar. A simple comment saying “Thank you for this, I never knew (point #3) was as important. For me, I always focused on (Points #1 and #2) but you showed me this is just as important!

You could also add a personal experience where you comment on a point mentioned in the blog and mention how it worked / didn’t work for you.

Be active on social

Another great way to increase your search engine ranking with the help of backlinks is being active on social media. Whichever platforms you are using, post on them daily while using insights to make sure the maximum number pf people are seeing your posts.

Make sure the information related to your website is correct and up-to-date and link back to it through your posts. This means your website should be perfectly maintained and you are not directing your audience to broken links or insecure pages which will definitely lower your ranking on SERPs.

Follow these tips for generating high-quality backlinks and while it will take time, your website’s ranking will definitely increase!

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