Instagram users can edit an image with a click of a button which is why designers need to set their game on the next level and look for what’s is the next thing in image editing. Instagram is an app considered with less of social evils in the world of design. Using a picture without any text gives it an honorable place above the rest.

When Instagram was introduced, it allowed users to edit imaged and make them stunning u just clicking a button. It’s the reason why, when a designer is working on their project, he needs to consider the next best thing in editing an image. And avoid clichés like applying filters. For a designer to make their image exceptional, they need to follow the following guidelines.

1)When it comes to photography, you need to set the best and most appealing compositions in the studio.

2)You should also learn to play with editing styles in photoshop.

3)Add crafty typography components to give it an extraordinary touch that only a designer can offer.

These days, documentation has come up as a new phenomenon in design besides image editing. Designers focus more on the underlying information that you need to pass across and how to convey it more authentically. Designers were mostly used to presenting behind the scenes but nowadays they need to appear before clients and explain in detail what it is they are working on.

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