Nowadays you’ll see social media nearly everywhere you set your eyes. Almost everyone with internet access is spending a lot of time on social media. It is essential for small businesses that want to grow in terms of profit-making, growth in customer outreach, and overall growth of the business to have a social media strategy. Most people whom businesses consider their potential customers, use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedln. Through these platforms, people communicate with friends and family but also they use these platforms for getting updates on jobs, products, services, ads, news and also doing purchases.

That’s why businesses need to ensure they have a relevant social media presence on nearly all platforms. Their social media account profiles must contain up to date information and update their status consistently. All activities that they undertake in the business, they must ensure integration of social media in it, be it the introduction of new products, improvements in old products, rebranding, business events they hold within the business and also launching of new branches.

Web design just like social media is changing daily, and since social media was invented on the internet, web designers must remain updated on the current changes through social media. Nearly all companies are on social media and search engines most likely favors social media profiles in their rankings. Businesses are now working on driving traffic to their social media platforms as well as traffic on their business websites. Social media has become in a way part of a website since it’s an important part of life through the internet. For a business’s objectives to be met and to continue being relevant online, it must ensure its website and social networks work hand in hand with each other.

Designers must admit social media has a great impact on their work and start learning how to mix up the two. We sometimes think that design trends are dreams of artists in their studios but the reality is that several design trends have been coming up in varied and unlikely locations some from platforms designers despise.