Think of a scenario where a website owner asks, ‘what do I need to do to improve my organic rankings?’ After an intelligent tech audit and market analysis, the recommendations may be hard and expensive. Some of them are; redesign your website, Migrate your site altogether or even rethink your business model because at the moment you are making no value in the industry. To avoid such scenarios, you have to reconsider what are the factors you need to put in place for your site to appear in top search engine rankings. That is why at Brandon McCloskey web design we offer the best before and after web design pieces of advice and services.

This happens when SEO is taken seriously after the site has been designed and business is already taking place. SEO is an integral part of the marketing mix which is not taught in the marketing syllabus but when assumed, great consequences are experienced in your online business. This post aims at recommending areas of consideration together with your SWOT analysis before making your digital platforms. It highlights SEO areas that are difficult to address after your website has been built.

Broad strategic questions to be answered.

How to Communicate our objective clause online?

After you have identified your mission statement,  the next step is knowing how to communicate it online. Are the terms used, the solution customers are searching for or does it define the customer’s problem? If your value proposition does not have many searches, then you should come up with a brand association that solves specific customer’s needs.

You should also consider the competition in the terms you have laid down for the brand. If the online space is too competitive, then you will need to come up with alternatives or many variations of your product.