Social Media Marketing

Where a website is the cornerstone of a business’ online marketing efforts, social media is the main force behind driving traffic to the website itself.

Depending on the business’ products and its audience, we suggest the best platforms for our client to focus on. 

Our social media marketers know the social networking platforms well and how to best use them to achieve client goals. We have certified advertisers on the team that know how to spend the client’s ad budget optimally, so their goals are achieved with minimum spend.

A crucial part of social media marketing is reputation management and at WDBBM, we make sure we’re constantly managing any mention of our clients’ business in the digital world and step in to manage any problem before it becomes too big. We are happy to engage with happy and disgruntled customers in order to improve a brand’s social care.

If you are looking for online marketing services for your business, contact us! (Use the new “Services” URL for the hyper-link here)

Transparent Pricing

Please note that this service is provided by a freelancer that we have used for a long time. Web Design by Brandon McCloskey will be acting as the “middle man” to facilitate information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Content Only


Our freelancer will put together 1 month of social media posts and provide it in a spreadsheet. All posts will be formatted to work with any platform. Does not include graphics, images, or videos. We are working on finding a freelancer to offer these services.

Content + Publishing


Our freelancer will put together 1 month of social media posts and post them to the requested social media platforms. Please note this will involve you providing us access to your social media accounts.

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