For this, you will need to think of what you want your site to show up as, or simply For this go to your general settings, in Settings click General, and the version you need to show will be properly reflected. From an SEO perspective, there is a very slight difference either way. In addition, most hosting and server setups will automatically redirect requests for the ‘wrong’ version, to the version you will have selected. This makes it primarily a branding consideration according to whichever approach feels best for your website.

From a technical perspective, there is also no great difference in either option. Some of the setups might give you some headaches if they omit the ‘wow component, but these are very rare to find.

Optimizing your content

Your website should provide the best content on your chosen title. Visitors to Google are only looking for the most authoritative, engaging articles and trustworthy answers to their questions. Writing high-quality content for your  WordPress site begins with your unique ideas or distinctive take a specific topic. You also should learn to present these ideas in a well-structured, easy to understand ad accessible manner. Putting these together will enable you to attract the audience you are looking for and keep them engaged.

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