As much as your site grows bigger and older, we continue adding more content to it and forget to clean it up. As your site grows bigger, other sites are doing so too and this is not a bad thing at all since Google likes authority and the longer you have stayed, the much it pays off. That is why your website needs to be fit, this is through updating older content as information and people’s approach to it change daily. Your keyword research need to be fresh and your linking strategy on top.

The perfect SEO combination is by incorporating SEO-friendly techniques like WordPress. You will also need to focus on your Site’s content which keeps your site fit and able to outrank your competitors in Google searches. To help Google understand your site and what it is about as it grows larger can be done by arranging pages strategically and showing how each page is related to the other. The best way to do this is through internal linking, links show Google how your pages are related and how to navigate your site. If a certain page has many links, Google will visit it more often since links show how important a page is. If a page has few or no links, Google will not visit it or it will have minimal chances to be visited.

Improve internal linking of your cornerstone articles

Be sure to create more internal links to your most important articles. Articles with so many links leading to them prove to be the most important ones for Google. You can use tools like a text link counter to check the number of links in your important article. The cornerstone article is your most important content and to ensure it gets the most attention it deserves, you should add more links if it has a few.

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