Strategic keywords include deciding the keywords to concentrate on and applying those keywords in your website content, PPC, and social media content. Many companies fail due to the wrong identification of keywords while others even after doing so, still fail. And this is because they fall into keywords traps which include;

  1. Misjudging User Internet

The importance of marketing is placing your content to capitalize on the correct keywords. Most firms do not understand the user’s intentions hence chasing the wrong keywords. An example is a search term like ‘video delivery’. It might generate more than 20,000 searches on the search engine making companies that specialize with videos to optimize content around that term and try to draw attention online. But the question is, What are people looking for when they search ‘video delivery’? It can be, Childbirth delivery, the procedure of downloading video to a computer, or even video transmission equipment. But mostly, searches on this term revolve around childbirth delivery, if the company would have focused on video delivery, it would capture the wrong viewers leading to loss of finances.

  1. Using Vague Keywords that Need a High Budget

At times looking for the biggest search terms is disastrous. A term like ‘packaging supplies’ brings 110,000 searches and is appealing to wholesalers of packaging supplies in big volumes. However, the searchers might be looking forward to purchasing a few boxes or might be looking for a supplier of $6 million. That’s why firms should focus on keywords that relate directly to their products and parts of the market they operate.

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