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website development

Website Development

Having a website is the first and most important step to online marketing.

A website is the digital front of a business for its clients. The more professional, informative, user friendly and responsive a website is, the higher the chances of a business achieving its online goals.

At Web Design By Brandon McCloskey, only the best tools are used to develop a website.

website hosting

Website Hosting

Once developed, we host our websites on industry-leading platforms. These platforms offer fast servers and site-loading and high uptime.

We ensure our data is secure and backed-up so in case of any mishap, our client’s online presence is restored within a short time.

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

Creating a website and deploying it does not end our role in our clients’ online marketing efforts.

Our team is regularly monitoring the websites we have developed for broken links, malware, outages, security updates and many other things that can compromise a website, its data and security.

We’re constantly monitoring the website to keep it current according to updates of the hosting platform as well.

Depending on the requirements of the client, we manage the content to add new features such as landing pages and services offered. We re-purpose content, check the search engine optimization ranking and update software and security as required.

Effective September 1, 2021 Web Design by Brandon McCloskey is no longer offering SEO, Social Media, Graphic Design, or Content Writing. FEAR NOT!! We will happily refer you to the freelancers we have used over the past few years to make these offerings available! We found that it is much easier for clients to work directly with these highly trained and capable freelancers to make their goals a reality! We will continue to offer web deisgn, web hosting, website maintenance & updates!