Ever seen a hashtag that’s on trend and wished your brand could join the trend, it’s your chance. On your new website, create a blog and write a post about something related to your line of brand and in a way, it relates to a hashtag that’s on trend. You can predict what the trend will be sometimes, such as #TBT that stands for Throwback Thursdays, #WCW that stands for Woman Crush Wednesday.

Write something that relates to TBT such as how your company was built, who founded it, and add the hashtag to your tweet when sharing the post on Twitter. And this way millions of viewers can see your tweet and go to your website. A million hashtags are going on every week and others happen weekly, search for them using your online tools.

Sometimes testimonials help a lot for your growing business. Ask for testimonials if you can and share them even if you have not been in business for long. After collecting a few, but the testimonies in one place and that way potential customers can read about your company from a consumer’s point of view. You can add images using a quote from the testimonials to share on your social media accounts. In the post copy for the image, link it to your testimonials page for people to read more. People are interested in what others say about your business or feel to reconsider purchasing possibilities.

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