Web design and SEO are critical duos that refer to the designing and development of websites that follow SEO practices. You should have an SEO friendly website which means it puts in to use SEO practices such as providing a mobile-friendly experience, faster load times, and detailed URLs. Businesses with SEO web design are top-ranked by search engines leading to traffic to your website.

Web design consists of visual aspect while SEO affects how a website is found, this is two different roles that neither can take the place of the other although they work together. The two might have a great impact on the bottom line of your business. This is the reason you should consider a web designer who is well experienced with the two in case you want your site designed or redesigned. SEO web design is important because; your SEO can be erased or damaged by web design overnight in places where a business is launching or rebranding a new site or to a new domain name and forget to set up301 redirects. 301redirect tells the search engine where to get a relocated page.

Put into consideration SEO practices that affect web design like page speed optimization and site architecture this influences how you design your site. Skipping SEO will render you trouble trying to rank your website where you want, business time, and money. It is wiser to merge search engine optimization and web design to build a foundation for your SEO goals through your web design.