Email marketing is still considered one of the most effective forms of marketing directly to customers.

In the USA, 90% of internet users have an email account that they check regularly. This is a huge opportunity for marketers who want to reach out to current and potential customers directly.

Email marketing has retained its edge as an effective marketing tool for many reasons, some of which have held true over the years and will be relevant in the future as well.

More effective in customer acquisition

Gone are the days sales-y content got a brand the customers it needed. These days, the most effective marketing emails are those that provide the customer some value: reminders, early-bird offers, exclusive content and more.

If an email provides content that makes it worth the reader’s time, he’ll definitely be interested in opening and reading the email and then taking action desired by the sender.

Personal & customizable

Emails aren’t the “Hi Friend, we want you to…” style of marketing that they used to be.

People now receive emails that are addressed to them directly and offer value based on actions they have taken previously. Consider emails sent by stores where you abandoned the cart: they talk to you like old friends who genuinely care about the next purchase you make.

Customers opt to receive them

Email addresses are provided by people who are genuinely interested in the services and goods provided by a brand.

This means they want to hear from the brand about any new products, offers, industry news and other such information. From the first sign-up to get a 10% discount on first purchase, to free e-books and guides, customers provide their email address, the most direct means of access to themselves only if they’re interested.

Most common marketing effort

In spite of the advent of social media marketing, emails are still the most common means of reaching out to people who are genuinely interested in a brand’s marketing efforts.

Without resorting to unethical practices like purchasing email addresses and spamming people with unwanted marketing material, brands can offer some value to potential customers to get their email address.

Fully automated, time saving

Adding email addresses to an email marketing service is the most effective means of email marketing. Once it has been crafted, it takes just a few clicks to send or schedule an email that can be sent out to tens of thousands of people in one go. A lot of these services operate of the freemium model, so small businesses can make full use of them too.

Easily measurable

Email marketing efforts are easily measurable where the service providers allow senders to see how many mails were sent out, how many of them were opened, how long a receiver spent reading the mail, how many people opted out of receiving future mails and many other metrics.

If you are not using emails to market directly to your customers, you’re missing out on one of the best forms of digital marketing. We at Web Design by Brandon have experience in email marketing and and create an effective strategy for you brand, just get in touch with us!

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