Your business may apply as the primary domain, though you may use others. It is important to ensure your domain relates to what you do. It is also important to ensure all variations ad subdomains point at the main site and direct to a single version of the site. Do not think that if you have helps. It only seems daft.


A slow site translates to unhappy users making hosting very important. Hosting should use relevant common-sense rules. Be located where your website is located. Be fast, be platform-specific, if necessary.


The CMS you choose for your company it determines highly how successful you are. WordPress is a good option in many ways, but not the only one.

Crawling and Accessibility

It is the first step in ensuring a search engine can crawl your site and understand what you do.


To know your site better, they need to be able to read and understand the content on your page. It only means that the main contents of your site should be text-based. It should not be in video form or flash or image but text-based. There are important tools like, web fonts, which means your images still have a place and talk in clear language about what it is you do for search engines to read and understand.

Images, videos, PDTs, and content are important and can be a source of search engine traffic.

Link Structure

To index your content beyond the home page, you need internal links that the search engine can crawl. Your primary navigation, search engine directives, and tools like XML sitemaps help search engines to crawl your website and discover new pages. Your site can easily be crawled by a search engine by using tools like Screaming Frog.

Context is indicated by not only the site but also the position within the site. We design sites that have drawers (high-level category) and each has sub-services in folders. Your site will be largely the same.


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