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website development

Website Development

Having a website is the first and most important step to online marketing.

A website is the digital front of a business for its clients. The more professional, informative, user friendly and responsive a website is, the higher the chances of a business achieving its online goals.

At Web Design ByBrandon McCloskey, only the best tools are used to develop a website.

We use mixed media to create a website that aligns with business goals. High-quality, search engine optimized content, creative graphics and videos are used to get people to browse and eventually convert, thus increasing sign-ups, purchases, downloads or any other action desired by the business of its audience.

website hosting

Website Hosting

Once developed, we host our websites on industry-leading platforms. These platforms offer fast servers and site-loading and high uptime.

We ensure our data is secure and backed-up so in case of any mishap, our client’s online presence is restored within a short time.

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

Creating a website and deploying it does not end our role in our clients’ online marketing efforts.

Our team is regularly monitoring the websites we have developed for broken links, malware, outages, security updates and many other things that can compromise a website, its data and security.

We’re constantly monitoring the website to keep it current according to updates of the hosting platform as well.

Depending on the requirements of the client, we manage the content to add new features such as landing pages and services offered. We re-purpose content, check the search engine optimization ranking and update software and security as required.

Another key area is website analytics. We realize these are key to any business’ online marketing efforts and brands evolve their strategies around the data provided by Google Alerts and Google Analytics. This is why we monitor it regularly and are in contact with the client about what is shown here.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Where a website is the cornerstone of a business’ online marketing efforts, social media is the main force behind driving traffic to the website itself.

Depending on the business’ products and its audience, we suggest the best platforms for our client to focus on.

Our social media marketers know the social networking platforms well and how to best use them to achieve client goals. We have certified advertisers on the team that know how to spend the client’s ad budget optimally, so their goals are achieved with minimum spend.

A crucial part of social media marketing is reputation management and at WDBBM, we make sure we’re constantly managing any mention of our clients’ business in the digital world and step in to manage any problem before it becomes too big. We are happy to engage with happy and disgruntled customers in order to improve a brand’s social care.

If you are looking for online marketing services for your business, contact us!

search engine optimization

SEO & Content Creation

It’s common sense that any business’ online marketing efforts are only as good and as effective as the content published on its digital profiles. Also, that content has to be optimized for search engines.

At Web Design by Brandon McCloskey, we place the utmost emphasis on creating original content (text and graphics) that perfectly match our client’s business persona. Be it fun and casual or more businesslike, our content creators work hard to research our client’s audience preferences and then create content that appeals to them while staying true to the client’s brand voice and requirements.

We commit to delivering exactly what you want to put forward and what your audience is interested in.

Alternately, if you already have a website you’re happy with, but would like to re-purpose your content to optimize it for search engines or to simply give your site a fresh look, we’ll be happy to do that too!

 If you want content for your business’ web pages, social profiles or blogs that can raise your website’s ranking on search engines, contact us!

online marketing

Online Advertising

Whether it’s on social media or Google, we know the importance of an ad for a business. From determining goals to the perfect ad creative, from A/B testing to static and video ads, we’ve done it all and achieved what the client was looking for.

 Whether you want to raise brand awareness or convert, we know how to get it done using the best mix of content, graphics, audience profiling and everything in between!

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of online marketing’s most effective forms where marketing material is sent directly to a current or potential customer’s inbox. 

With a high open rate for marketing emails, we focus on mailing quality content and high value offers to clients that increase open rates and encourage the customer to take the next step, whether it is a purchase or anything else that aligns with our client’s goals.

We help grow our client’s email lists using websites, social profiles and ads to get email addresses, sending out sales-oriented offers, RSS-to-email feeds for content updates or event-triggered emails to follow-up people in our client’s sales funnel.

If there is any other goal you want to achieve through email marketing, we can customize a campaign for you, simply let us know!