Immediate Changes

Appointments / Consultations

Effective immediately all appointments and consultations are being held virtually via Google Meet. This provides all B2B (Business-2-Business) networking, perspective clients, current clients, etc. the opportunity to meet with me face to face anywhere in the world. Providing a quality experience for both you and me! In person consultations will be limited to current clients that absolutely must meet with me in person. I believe this will provide a more comfortable environment for you to be able to speak with me wherever you want and are not limited to a specific type of location. Most meetings will continue to be free others will now incur a charge based on your status as a new or current client. Visit the appointment page by clicking here to learn more.

Changes Coming in 2023

Invoicing & Customer Portal

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey will be switching accounting program from Zoho Books to WaveApps. As a result if you are a current client your access to. the portal will expire on 01/31/2023. Please be sure to download all your invoices, statements, estimates, etc. Also if you have auto-pay set for any invoices you will need to re-establish those auto-payments once the new invoices generate beginning 01/01/2023.

Discontinue PayPal, Venmo, or Square/CashApp Payments.

Due to an increase in fees by PayPal who also owns Venmo Web Design by Brandon McCloskey will discontinue use of PayPal or Venmo as payment options. Further the new accounting program WaveApps utilizes Stripe as its payment processor therefore we will also discontinue the use of Square/CashApp. WaveApps will allow you to pay by debit, credit, or ACH/Bank Draft. Alternatively we will also accept cash, check, or money order for payments if you wish to avoid the payment processing fee.